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Nov 17, 2007. Dian Fossey was born in nineteen thirty-two in San Francisco, California. Fossey met with Louis Leakey and discussed the importance of 

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Three years later, Louis Leakey visited Dian Fossey in Kentucky to urge her to follow through on her desire to study the gorillas He told her -- she later. found it it  

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It was from a small hut in Rwanda that researcher and conservationist Dian Fossey one of the final stops on her journey, Fossey met archaeologist Louis Leakey During the visit, Dr Leakey told Fossey of Jane Goodall's research with 

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Three years later, in March 1966, Louis Leakey stopped in. Louisville on a speaking tour and met with Fossey again Leakey believed that studies of great apes 

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Dian Fossey was one of the most important scientists to research mountain gorillas She conducted How did Dr Louis Leakey meet Dian. Fossey? Why was 

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22 hours ago Primate expert Dian Fossey sits with mountain gorillas in the But in 1963, she traveled to eastern Africa and met anthropologist Louis Leakey, 

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Dian was interested in animals from childhood, but changed college courses from When Louis Leakey, somewhat facetiously, suggested that Fossey have her 

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In 1963, while on a six-week sabbatical in Africa, Fossey met Dr Louis Leakey, who spoke urgently about the need for research on the great apes Under the 

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Dian traveled to Africa in 1963 She was fascinated when she saw her first mountain gorilla. She met Dr Louis Leakey who inspired her to want to study the  

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Dr Louis Leakey & Going back to Africa. After returning to Louisville, Dian had again met up with Dr